Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Parents' Garden

My (Parents') Garden

Our raspberry patch is a marketing scheme. You walk by, unable to resist the big, red, plump berries at the road-side. They are sinfully delicious and you venture deeper into the patch only to find they have substantially diminished in size. Line and sinker, ladies and gents. This is nature.

Our peas are not a marketing scheme. They are just tasty.

Is that not the cutest bean you have ever seen? Am I not the lamest rhymer you have ever... um nothing rhymes with rhymer. And to be honest, I quite liked my rhyme.
I took these a few days ago so we have been enjoying fresh, purple beans for a while now.

We have also got:
onions, carrots, spinach, peppers & tomatoes!

Having a garden is da bomb diggity.
Now, things to do cook with peas... hm.