Thursday, 23 February 2012

Art Deco Chic Opening

The Good: The Art Deco Chic opening was a success! The cat's meow, baby.
The Bad: The inevitable debockle before the opening night of a large-scale, multi-person, multi-piece, long-term exhibition at a world-class institution. For us, it went like this: three days before opening night, the exhibit's co-curator receives a flustered phone call from the donor of one of our star pieces. She says she's changed her mind about displaying her yellow and gold beaded flapper dress and I'm telling you, it's one of the most stunning things I've ever seen; it simply must be in the exhibit. Now, calls and concerns like these need to be handled with care. On the one hand, there's no legal way Mrs. Peabody can pull her (our, for the time being) dress. However, on the other hand, curators who wish to continue having exhibits and collections to curate, mustn't step on and demolish too many toes.

Attendees were encouraged to dress the part.

And so, Mrs. Peabody, after much, much cloying, sweet talk finally relented and the show was back on track.
The Ugly: Nowhere in sight.

But I suspect you want to know about the food.

An evening exhibit opening obviously calls for beverages and snooty finger-food. Exactly fitting that bill was the signature cocktail, French 75, a delightful elixir of gin, syrup, champagne and lemon that oozes 1920s extravagance and class.

After unspeakable amounts of hors d'oeuvres, again echoing the Roaring Twenties, came the grande pièce de résistance: le gâteau. I think the photo really does speak for itself. A masterpiece, indeed.

Perhaps it was preparing for the Art Deco opening, loosely translating the food into the 1920s, that inspired my own wish for a themed dinner gathering. I've yet to make any concrete menu decisions and ideas continue to bounce off of one another, but I have a great feeling about it!

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