Monday, 16 March 2009

Pretzels & Tostadas


Punching dough is very fun.

Boiling dough is very fun.

And eating homemade pretzels is also fun.
Normally I am all over the whole wheat, but I think next time I will stick to white. Sad. But true.
NONETHELESS they were super tasty and vegan. Wait, I put egg wash on top. I think it would be better without anyway.
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Tostadas with homemade refried beans

Missus Mustard "aren't you supposed to wear gloves when you touch jalepeƱos?"
Mister Mustard "no, it's fine. I've done it tons of times and nothing happens to me"
WEAR THE GLOVES. Please, wear the gloves.
(I resorted to dipping my hand in a bowl of milk.)
Anyway, they were the best refried beans I have ever had. That's got to count for something.
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The Mustard Take on Tostadas:

Tostada + refried beans + shredded cheese + diced tomatoes + preferably guacamole + plain yogurt + optional salsa + baby lettuce leaves.
Stack, get hands very messy whilst eating, repeat.

If you omit the yogurt and cheese, it would be a tasty vegan meal too!

Can you tell I don't write recipes often?

I wish I could post smells... 'cause oh baby, it is smellin' GOOOOOOOD up in here!

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